It’s always Christmas Time!

Il Natale è ormai passato, ma i nostri ragazzi di seconda Liceo hanno voluto comunque raccontarci le tradizioni natalizie delle loro famiglie. In Inglese! Certo, perché la nostra scuola e il nostro Liceo sono English Edition e noi parliamo in Inglese!

Our grandparents and parents tell us about their Christmas


When my grandparents were children they celebrated Christmas in a different way.
When they got up they didn’t find any presents under the Christmas tree because they didn’t have one. Their parents gave the girls an old doll and the boys little toys like an airplane or a car and till the next year the didn’t receive any presents.
For Christmas lunch they ate rabbit and frogs, it was all they could afford.
They celebrated Christmas with their parents, grandparents and cousins.
The young boys and girls played with the snow, they loved making snowmen while the adults stayed in the house talking about their sons and daughters, their jobs and things like that.
They used to wait for Christmas all year, it was such a beautiful and incredible day for them because they could stay together and get a nice present.


My grandmother told me that at Christmas, when she was little, she used to celebrate out at her neighbours’ home or at home (because they lived on a farm with other people) and they all ate together what mums prepared.
She told me that the gifts that parents gave her were used for a long time because they did not receive gifts very often.
Everyone liked Christmas but they also worked that day because they had to feed animals and look after the fields.
When it was snowing their children were happier because they went out to play all together, but for adults it was bad because they had to work harder and clean the streets.
My grandmother and her brother were anxiously looking forward to staying home from school.


When my mother was younger, Christmas used to be very different and she used to spend the Christmas holidays with her grandparents. Christmas preparations used to be very important: she used to decorate the Christmas tree with the help of our granddad and she used to  make the crib with her grandma.
They used to prepare a Christmas lunch  the day before Christmas: they used to make tortellini or lasagna and zampone.
They didn’t use  to put the presents under the Christmas tree because when my mother was a child  she used to receive gifts on 6th January.


When my parents were young, the date of 25th December was a very important day.
Everyone waited for that day all the year, and the week before Christmas was very exciting and full of things.
My dad told me that he would wake up smiling and thinking of the special day he was going to enjoy.
When he was going down the stairs he could already feel the atmosphere of Christmas in all the house.
His relatives from Milan would arrive at 9.30 and at 10 they would go to church all together.
The ceremony was longer than usual and all the children hated it because they were just interested in getting their few presents.
When the mass was over, they would run home to open the presents.
It was not like today: we have the Christmas tree full of presents, but at the time for each person maybe there were only 1 or 2 gifts, but for them it was a great joy anyway.
The women of the family would cook and work for 2 days to prepare a special Christmas lunch and the food was always too much for everyone.
They would finish more or less at 4 pm. and they would spend the rest of the day playing with their new toys. In the evening everyone was tired and happy.
The day finished at 9 when the relatives went away and my parents fell asleep in bed.


My grandmother and her family used to wait for Christmas with a great anxiety but also happiness.
During the Christmas period the weather was very cold and on the glasses there were “flowers of ice”.
All of the family went to the Christmas mass at midnight.
People usually had to put the biggest log that they had into the fireplace because Jesus needed a warm climate.
My grandmother was very poor, so her mother made rag dolls for her and her sisters.
Only rich boys could have an apple or an orange.
My grandmother tells me that although they were poor, they were very happy, especially at Christmas time.